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Shanta Q

Comedian, Speaker, Creator, Entertainer
A tough, talented leader who’s navigated a unique journey from track star to IRS accountant to TikTok sensation, ShantaQuilette is a Dallas-based entrepreneur, author, executive producer, content creator, creative director, comedian, influencer, community healer and transformational speaker. A sprinter star with an eye on the Olympics in high school, ShantaQuilette also attracted art and fashion college scholarships before getting into the world of finance and, finally, advancing to a career with the IRS as a forensic accountant. That trajectory changed drastically at age 40 when she suffered a heart attack and then – nine months later – a stroke that ultimately forced her to retire. But instead of moping, ShantaQuilette morphed. She’s turned her darned luck into dark laughter, using her health challenges as punchlines to become a popular comedian with 660,000 followers on TikTok and a coveted guest speaker working with companies such as Novartis, Buffalo Wild Wings and Paramount films.
Along the way, ShantaQuilette also found the time, energy and compassion to launch a line of women’s wellness products (Girl B Natural) and a breast cancer advocacy company (Pink Peppermint Cares), as well as her own personal website.

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