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Hi! I’m Shanta Quilette and I’m based in Dallas, Texas. As ​a UGC creator. I’m passionate about creating content ​that perfectly articulates your vision in a meaningful and ​engaging way.  My greatest concern is ensuring that your company ​gains value through all we create together. I would be ​thrilled to be the bridge that joins your brands vision and ​your dream audience. 


I have a MBA, with an emphasis in Marketing, having ​worked as a growth marketer for two early-growth ​consumer good start-ups in building brand awareness ​and audience loyalty.

On TikTok , I’ve developed a devoted robust community. ​Within a week, I had 50,000 followers and received ​more than 3 million impressions.



1 Edited Video = $400

3 Edited Videos = $1050

4 Edited Videos = $2000


5 Still Images = $350

15 Still Images = $775

Monthly Packages

4 Videos + 10 Still Images = $1800

6 Videos + 15 Still Images = $3200

Additional Information

  • All have 3 to 5 day turnaround.
  • The content is edited and retouched.
  • Monthly usage rights and exclusivity will be an additional costs for social media, email or website use.

why UGC?

  1. 85% of consumers say they trust peer recommendations above all other sources of advertising?
  2. 4X Higher click through rates on UGC based ads
  3. 93% of consumers believe user-generated content is very helpful when making a purchasing decision.,



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